My Garden Summer: Books to Blooms

This is my garden summer. If you follow me on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter, you will quickly see that my posts have become progressively more vegetable and flower filled. In fact, that’s where I was just before sitting down to write this column: out in my garden, procrastinating with a hose and trowel under the auspice of these weeds can’t wait; then further distracted in my Google search on “How to get rid of June bugs on my roses?” (Answer: Neems oil!)

To most, it’s far from novel, in either of Webster’s definitions. But you must understand, this is my first garden. Yes, in all my life. So I pray you pardon my social media exclamations over squash blossoms, sprigs of basil, hydrangea plumes, and zinnias. Planting roots was never part of the gypsy life. Plus, for nearly a decade, we lived in El Paso where gardens were made of rocks… 

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Jean Kwok and Sarah McCoy in Conversation at Bookmarks

A high time was had at Bookmarks independent bookstore as resident New York Times bestseller Sarah McCoy welcomed her friend New York Times bestseller Jean Kwok to Winston-Salem. A packed house of readers showed up on a rainy, summer Friday to hear the duo discuss Kwok’s latest release Searching for Sylvie Lee, an immigrant mystery novel and Jenna Bush Hagar of The Today Show’s June 2019 Book Club Pick.

Bookmarked with Sarah McCoy: Author Guest Jean Kwok

Bookmarked with Sarah McCoy welcomes New York Times bestselling author Jean Kwok for conversation about her new book, Searching for Sylvie Lee, an immigrant mystery novel and Jenna Bush Hagar’s June 2019 Book Club Pick for the Today Show.

Jean immigrated from Hong Kong to Brooklyn when she was five and worked in a Chinatown clothing factory for much of her childhood while living in an unheated, roach-infested apartment. In between her undergraduate degree at Harvard and MFA in fiction at Columbia, she worked for three years as a professional ballroom dancer. Her beloved brother Kwan passed away in a tragic plane accident and was the inspiration behind Searching for Sylvie Lee. Jean is trilingual, fluent in Dutch, Chinese and English, and studied Latin for seven years. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband, two sons and four cats. 

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