The Mapmaker’s Children – Reading Group Activity


 2” wooden circles (the doll heads)
super glue, all-purpose crafting glue
pin attachments
drawstring muslin bags (the doll bodies)—size depends on what you’d like to smuggle within
paper for your secret messages

Step 1

Super glue the pin attachment to the 2” wooden circle head. Allow to dry completely.

Step 2

Create your doll’s face by printing out a face you like on your computer. If you are artistically inclined, freehand draw the image on the wooden circle.

Step 3

Use the all-purpose crafting glue to adhere the paper face to the wooden circle with pin attachment. Smooth air bubbles and ensure the paper sticks to all edges.

Step 4

Code your doll using a paintbrush and colored paint. The Mapmaker’s Children’s doll had one green eye distinguishing the Underground Railroad safety house in New Charlestown, but feel free to liberally decorate as your secrets inspire.

Step 5

Paint the doll’s hair on the opposite side of the wooden circle and around the sides. Allow to dry completely.

Step 6

Pin the finished doll’s head to your muslin bag.

Step 7

Have fun adoring the doll’s outward appearance in whatever fashion and style you like. Place your secrets, gifts, edible treats, and other contraband within. Delivery to your trusted friends or keep for yourself!